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Realising the ONENESS in all of us. 

Sharing Happiness Foundation

The Sharing Happiness Foundation is a global manifestation of love, companionship, equality, values and abundance of everything and anything that each one of us has. The core idea of ‘Sharing’ is based on nature's fact that our collective abundance is always higher than our own. 

The objective of the foundation is to create a sustainable and growing global community of collectives who with a strong bond of camaraderie and collective action can make this world a better and happier place. 

With the idea of “Leaving no one behind”, we all strive to bring back to the world the values of staying together, sharing, caring and growing together to enable and enhance – the “Sense of Abundance” in the world – where all communities are empowered to achieve shared prosperity.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to spread happiness by creating collectives all around the world and connecting them with each other. This will create a spirit of shared prosperity within each collective and across all collectives, thereby making the world a happier place.

The world has become a Lonely Place

As families and communities break up and we become increasingly lonely, The Sharing Happiness Foundation strives to reverse this trend by bringing people together to share joys and sorrows, to connect with each other across the world and to create a network where each of us have a feeling of belonging.

Where to?

This website (and everything of the Sharing Happiness Foundation) is going to be collectively owned by the collectives or groups.

These groups would keep joining hands with hope and trust on togetherness and oneness of the world.

The Sharing Happiness Foundation is for sharing ideas, best practices, experiences and ‘Abundance' with each other.

Let’s share more, Let’s believe in each other, Let’s create abundance together and keep Sharing Happiness with more and more hands joining in this journey. 

Want to be part of this?

Do you want to and do you have something to share to make someone happier?

Do you need someone to share your problems or to make you happier?

“Everyone and Anyone can share abundance in some way or the other.”

We all can be a part of this happy community of collectives getting more and more connected across the globe: 

Share your thoughts and ideas.

Make your first collective to start this movement.

Join as a volunteer to spread the word.

Contribute with big or small donations.*

*All details of expenses and receipts would be shared transparently.