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We support Swavalamban (self-reliance), a skills development initiative by Drishtee Foundation for rural women.

Impact so far:
  22 states
  6,406 Villages
  71,987 Women Trained
  2,486 Micro-Enterprise Groups

Sharing Happiness Foundation

The Sharing Happiness Foundation empowers communities to achieve shared prosperity and happiness. We are driving global initiatives aimed at empowering women to become self-dependent. Additionally, We are empowering senior citizens by offering digital education and well-being programs.

Our objective is to drive collective action that can make this world a better and happier place. 


Want to be part of this?

Do you want to and do you have something to share to make someone happier?

“Everyone and Anyone can share abundance in some way or the other.”

Create a collective to help rural women with economic independence or empower seniors.

Share your thoughts and ideas.

Make your first collective to start this movement.

Join as a volunteer to spread the word.

Contribute with big or small donations.*

*All details of expenses and receipts would be shared transparently.