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All that glitters are emeralds….


It has been raining incessantly here. Just yesterday we got some respite when it stopped for a while. I like it when it rains…it does wonders to the few plants that I have in my small balcony. Also, I love that it cleans all the big and small trees and plants, their green foliage glitters like emeralds when raindrops adorn their leaves.

But I hate it when I have to go out, the roads are so dirty. The paper and plastic bags etc stick to the roads and the corners. There is muck all around. When you walk, your footwear squishes in the muddy sheets on the gravel roads and the oncoming vehicles splash whatever dirty water there is from the rainwater puddles.

Again, this reminds me of what I like and do not like about the same thing. Like every coin has two sides. It is also something we cannot do without or avoid for example people. In fact, our very survival depends on it. Like life…so we make the best out of it. Help one another, be there for each other on their rainy days. Carry an umbrella and do not forget about that smile. Have a great day.

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