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The Ripple effects

shfThey say if you do a good deed, it creates a ripple effect, and everyone does their bit for the day. If one person helps someone with buying medicines by just contributing a small amount, others are motivated to chip in too.

People both lead and follow by example. Like begets like. Just the other day I was listening to a friend going on about a particularly bad day. I could relate to those unpleasant situations. After a while I found myself thinking of similar experiences I had. That happens. But then you listen to your favourite song and slowly you start feeling better.

Some things require conscious effort. I must focus on the positive so that I can touch others the same way. Sometimes we have to go with the flow. But when there is some turbulence, we need to take control and steer our thoughts in the right direction.

You must have noticed how you feel good and comfortable around people, they radiate happiness. This is because there is lot of sharing that happens with them, and they take care of us during our tough days. To look for the bright sparks and make the most of our days good or bad requires determination and perseverance. But once we have decided and make that a habit, life becomes easier as we feel secured around people. Let us make this world a better place to live in by being a happy person, and that is possible when we share happiness with others.

This creates ripple effect.

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