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Be there for each other.

shfWell, we do know that not everyone can look perfect all the time. Some of us have days….” bad hair days, just not my day, woke up on the wrong side of the bed ” days and so on. And it is okay. We know now it requires a dedicated team to make that actor or actress or model look like a dream.

It is okay not to be well turned out always, but it is not okay to not share your abundance.
So, when we look around and find people, with a few grey hairs showing, or maybe looking a bit tired, or just managing to get through the day, let us be kind. Let us not judge and be nicer to each other.

When we remember people, it is not about how they smelled, how they looked, or what they wore, we are drawn to people who have that positive vibe coming, who give a smile that reaches your soul, who look at you when they talk and mean it. The world needs to accept more, judge less, make space for everyone in the sun, and not leave anyone behind. Welcome all with wide open arms and make someone’s day today.

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