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Life happens

shfAren’t we so quickly bored these days ? We are constantly looking for new ways to do anything . And we want to make everything matter. We want to be better than everyone else at anything. Little do we realise that we only have so much time left on this earth. This is a journey, each individual at their own pace and time and with their own karma. We are We are a drop in an ocean. A teeny weeny dot in this whole big universe. Yet we believe that the universe revolves around us. Look around, be aware. Enjoy the journey of life for what it is….not a competition. For nothing matters. People move on, life happens. On its own, beautiful and ugly….rough and easy…all in its own time. Let’s look out for others, share, care and give back to society. Spread love and kindness ‘coz this is what life is all about…isn’t it ?

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