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Celebrate life

shfAhhh….festival times are just around the corner. There is one thing about festivals. Everybody seems to be in a good mood. The people are generally smiling, happy and you can feel it in the atmosphere. Also I love it when people come together to plan something and celebrate in a way that everyone can enjoy. People give without asking. How I wish everyone would be like this all year round. There would be less sadness. People would share more often. They would talk to each other more often. They would think about each other and empathise more readily. The society would become more inclusive. And when no one feels left out, the world becomes more beautiful. The joy and the exhilaration of enjoying music or dance or any other passion is doubled when there is happiness all around. I think we should start celebrating life. All our life events and all the people in our life should be celebrated. After all we pass through this world only once. We only have one life to live.

Let’s share our good fortune, our love our happiness with all around us. Let’s give back to the society. And make living this life worthwhile.

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