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Sharing Happiness @ Work

Wow, let me tell you about my recent trip back to the US! It was a long journey, and to make matters worse, I missed my connecting flight. The airline was kind enough to put me on the next flight. I was beyond exhausted, but I had a stopover in Atlanta, and that’s where things got interesting.

As I was waiting for my flight, I could not help but notice an airline officer who was responsible for making announcements and answering passenger queries. And what really caught my attention was her sense of humour! She added a touch of humour to her announcements, and it was just what I needed to lift my spirits.

Not only did she make us laugh, but she also kept us engaged. The guidelines were delivered with a dash of humour, and we all listened and followed her instructions. It was amazing to see how she turned a mundane task into something fun and enjoyable.

In that moment, I realized that work can be fun when we can make people happy. And the best part is that this opportunity is available to everyone, without exception. It is all about sharing happiness and spreading joy wherever we go.
I left that airport feeling energized and inspired, and believe me, the lady is still fresh in my memory. Such people stay with you?

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