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It’s a Small World

shfThis happened when hubby was transferred to a place in a defence location. Now it so happened that it was situated a very remote area. N it was all very new to me. The whole setup was different. And before coming here I was working and taking care of my two kids. Also was staying in the heart of the city. Also since I belong to a large family (my father was the third one among 8 brothers) I was used to a certain way of life with lots of people around.

We have this (religious ceremony) Pooja at home where we married ladies pray for peace, happiness and prosperity and general well-being at home. We are required to invite other families on this day to share the good vibes and the food. Now I was in a quandary. I was staying in a small barrack at one end. Only 2-3 others were staying of whom only one was a couple and 2 others were bachelors. I just happened to mention to the young couple about this and believe you me…. they gave me contact details of so many other families who I could invite. I called them over and it was the one of the best days where I found a wonderful community welcoming me warmly into their fold. Sharing and caring is wonderful. The neighborhood where you live is so dear to you because of the familiarity. We are all social beings and we thrive as a community. It is so important that we stay connected to each other and support each other and share the misfortunes and the good fortunes. It makes life easier and the world a better place to live in.

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