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Community is strength

shfHey there! It is going to be a busy weekend. The colleges have started. And we have to start packing for the older one staying in another city.

Isn’t it amazing that you find your gen-next quite similar to what you were at that age. I notice some triggers and I realize how my parents must have felt when I might have reacted the way my daughter or son does. Guess sometimes we feel proud and something that might burst in our chest…I am sure many of us out there feel the same way. One does realize that we will soon have an empty nest and we might be coming back in the evening to each other once again.

As we wish them the best in their careers further on, we are going through a range of emotions…anxiety, restlessness, and so on. I find it helps if you are able to talk to like-minded people going through the same. When we connect, we find our feelings validated. That makes us feel that everything is alright with the world. We are so different yet so alike. We tend to find comfort in common things. We are so dependent on each other and that is the beauty of the societal setup. Researches from past civilizations show us that humans had lived in groups.

The sense of belonging we seek from each other shows how important it is for us to stay connected. Disturb a loved one today. Give them a call right away. Have a nice day!

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