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Food for thought

I had called some friends home for breakfast. I Love meeting people and getting them together. While we were relishing dishes and sharing our own recipes and accompaniments that go with dishes, the discussion went back to old times with families and larger families.
The Human mind is such that we often talk about the past and future but seldom about present. Well, that is how it is!
We should make many happy memories and that happens when we share our time with our family and friends.
My friend shared something that has stayed with me. He said if people invite you home for Lunch/Dinner that signifies the relationship is strong and if you are invited to a restaurant/hotel that means the relationship is formal.
What do you think is it true? I feel yes, we cook with love and then we bond and there is informal talk which makes us happy and makes us want to spend time more with our loved ones/friends/neighbours. There is appreciation for food, for each other. Our pains are forgotten. Its always happiness during that time.
With this elevated life state, we function better. Social connections should not be underestimated?
But then, should we only spend time with our immediate friends and family? No, stepping out, meeting new people also helps doing that. That is how we expand our circle and form deep connections.
And do not forget to invite people home for Lunches/Dinners because that’s where deep connections are formed:)

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