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Sharing stories is Sharing Happiness

During a recent conversation with a professor friend, he shared a heart-warming story about his visit to his hometown. As he stepped out in his community, a local driver approached him and recognized him as the spitting image of his grandfather. The two struck up a conversation and ended up walking together for some time. During this stroll, my friend learned so much about his grandad and felt an immense sense of pride.

This encounter left a lasting impression on my friend, and he expressed a desire to go back to his hometown to document all his knowledge and experiences to share with his children. He believes that understanding our family’s history and culture can shape our values and personality in totality.

After hearing his story, I could not help but reflect on my own childhood experiences and the importance of passing down family stories to future generations. It is essential that our children know about their grandparents and the legacy they have left behind.

In conclusion, my professor friend’s encounter with the driver serves as a reminder of the significance of family history and the impact it can have on our lives. Let us all take the time to share our stories as Sharing Stories is Sharing Happiness all the way.

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