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Happiness is when you can count on others

It has been two months since I arrived in Jacksonville, and the Sharing Happiness Foundation is slowly but surely finding its way into the hearts of the people. I moved here on October 12th, 2022, with high hopes of spreading the message of sharing happiness and creating abundance together.

When I arrived late in the evening, I was welcomed by Akshita, a friend of my relative, and Animesh, who provided me with food. This was my first experience of the warmth of the people here.

From staying in an Airbnb to finding a house, networking, talking about happiness, and learning about the work of others, I have been encouraged to the point that I feel like I have been living here for months!

Sharing Happiness Foundation is an organization that wants to bring joy to the world. When I tell people about this, their faces light up. I quickly connected with a group on Facebook and was soon invited to my first event at the St. John’s Indian Community Meetup at Nacotee Centerway in Ponte Vedra Beach on October 14th.

This event was beneficial in more ways than one. I made some friends, and through them, I met Alex, who not only found us a place to live, but also showed us around.

The people of Jacksonville are helpful and kind. Whenever I find myself without transportation, a good Samaritan always comes to my aid.
Happiness is when you can count on people. I am thankful for the support I have received here, and I hope that we can all stay connected with our friends and family so that they can count on us and feel secure. Thank you for reading !

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