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Harnessing the Power of Collective Building for Collective Action

Soon I moved to a community that had all the necessary amenities and, more importantly, was full of people that could be seen taking their little ones to the local garden, gathering in small groups to chat. I tried to introduce myself and soon enough I was added to a WhatsApp group with 226 members.

One day, I saw a message that was truly overwhelming. A young woman with three small children was asking for help! Apparently, her husband had abandoned her and the kids and fled the country. There was a lot of message exchange to prove the authenticity of the case. It was decided to get together in the community club at 5 pm, considering the availability of the young woman. I was intrigued by the case and the possible outcome of the meeting, so I went.

Around fifteen to twenty ladies gathered and, after hearing the woman’s plight, a collective decision was taken to first open a bank account and then create a GoFundMe account. The women present there contributed some cash to open the bank account. What was amazing was that in a short time there was a lot of collective action. This could ignite hope and courage in the woman.

We now have a separate group on WhatsApp for providing support. The update is that the lady has passed her driving test and now has her license. She has started applying for jobs and the GoFundMe link has been shared on various Facebook groups.

People need people; it’s a rule of nature to help one another. Thank you for reading. Please share in the comment section if you, as a collective/group, have done something similar? Would love to know!

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