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Happy Neighbors, Happy Us!

As I stepped out for a stroll, I met one interesting couple yesterday with their 6-month toddler, The wonderful young couple reminisced about the time when people were available when called and wanted to know about each other. They talked about happiness and large families. I could sense, young or old, we all want to be in groups and around people.

Curious to know more and their thoughts on Sharing Happiness, our conversation steered towards their next-door neighbour. The husband shared their next-door neighbour is an elderly woman and lives with her two dogs. She is mostly perched on her chair in her patio. The wife chips in saying she feels bad and low when she looks at her mainly because the senior woman looks lonely and sad. She can see her almost each time she is in her living room.

The husband now says to wife that she should visit her with their toddler and that playing with the baby would keep the senior lady engaged and happy. And that it would make the wife happy too.

The couple visibly looked concerned. I returned home after a great talk about old times and Happiness. Our chat and our time together made me happy and as well as sad for the neighbour. That feeling, I should do something to make her happy.

I realized we cannot be happy if our neighbours are unhappy! But why is it so? Simple, because our lives are interdependent, we are interconnected, Sharing and interconnectedness will remain constant in wake of even calamities, Togetherness can solve issues and help us sail through biggest adversities. That is what Sharing Happiness is all about.

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